History / Philosophy

Our Funeral Directors Honour Life

At Canterbury Christian Funeral Services, we are dedicated to serving families through difficult and emotional times. On top of everything else, losing a loved one comes with a range of often difficult decisions. We can help to guide you through the many options available, helping to farewell your loved one with care and dignity.

We aim to achieve this with every family through:

  • Understanding and support – serving you and your family by tailoring our services to your specific requirements
  • Remembrance and retelling stories – we help you retell the memories, ensuring everyone in attendance remembers the unique qualities and important achievements.
  • Inspiring and moving forward – we are with you at every step to help create a positive memorable experience.

We Tell Their Story

With sincerity, respect and understanding, we provide the support and a guiding hand to help you to move forward. With Canterbury Christian Funeral Services, every detail is taken care of, giving you the freedom to communicate and celebrate a personal story.

Assisting families from all walks of life, cultures, religions and ethnic groups, we ensure that your loved one is remembered and honoured.

About Our Team

As a company we believe that funerals are valid, important and culturally significant. Because of this, funerals need to have an element of ceremony and circumstance that reflects the care and dignity of who we are as people, and as a company. We aim to be transparent in all aspects of our service and would like to think that we can add our personal touch to each funeral that enables others the creativity and freedom to express grief and loss in their own ways.

Call us on 03 358 8807 and we’ll help you navigate through the funeral process and beyond.