Guiding You through the Funeral Process

Through a commitment to understanding and supporting, remembering and retelling, and inspiring and moving forward, we help you to celebrate the lives of your loved ones. Funeral arrangements can difficult, but we strive to remove your burdens and allow you to grieve.

Letters from Families

“Our families would like to thank Canterbury Christian Funeral Services for an outstanding and Professional approach to the two services we have unfortunately had this year. Earlier in the year my mother A.W. passed away and just recently my wife’s Father G.G. also passed. As we were not familiar with funeral procedures and both families had not had anyone close pass away it was a trying time.

We would especially like to thank Nigel who took care of both arrangements and helped immensely with everything. This took so much pressure off us all and to Nigel we are greatly appreciative. We have told many people about your service and of Nigel’s compassion and professionalism, and we would not hesitate to recommend or use your services again hopefully not in the very near future. Once again many thanks for your services.
Kind regards S.W.”
– 20th November 2012

“To the CCFS Team.
Thankyou for your card thinking of my family and I on the anniversary of my wife’s death. I have only just received the card as it was sent to my former address.
Yours sincerely A.S.”
– 12th November 2012

“I wanted to make contact with you to personally express my thanks over the way your team cared and prepared my dad body. Right from the start when they took dad from his bedroom, tho it may seem nothing to some, I was so impressed and touched with the gentleness with which your guys placed dad into the removal bag (for want of a better word) all the way down to having his head on a pillow in that bag, to the friendly conversation outside with one of your team (the young guy with the beard)

The fact that when they drove away from the house that night with his body, your driver drove quietly away, to me showed a special mark of respect for us left standing in the driveway, while my thoughts bombshelled in my head with the loss of dad. The next day my older sister and I (along with my close cousin) came to assist in dressing dad.

Nigel was very helpful in showing us how to dress dad, and answered what were probably the most silly questions, yet he still kindly smiled and answered in a warm welcoming way, It meant a lot. I was so impressed with how well dads body was presented, and I really need you to know that your body preparers did a great job, thank you and tell them please from me.. as a daughter – it meant a lot – I was very impressed with and grateful for, their skill and expertise. Then when we came to the house- once again Nigel gave clear instructions of how and why to carry the casket into the home – he kept us informed all the way as to why we needed to do things a certain way while carrying the casket.

Later on , after we discovered there had been a clear contradiction of communication, the response from your whole team was so professional, and I could see the very genuine and clear efforts to rectify this error. Well done

I am the youngest of dads birth daughters, and was often told I was the female white version of dad, and when a job was well done, he would make sure people knew they had done a great job.
Now I don’t know about the female white version thing, however I really did want you to know what a wonderful experience it was having your funeral company taking care of dads remains and your care and humour to his daughters and step daughter and step sons, and the whole extended family.

Thankyou for employing men and woman who have a great sense of humour, who take their role seriously, giving whole heartedly of themselves with compassion and kindness during what is a very crazy, sad, and full of mixed emotions time.
As a daughter, I am really impressed, and thankyou soooo much. My greatest respect and thanks to you and your team, and please, do continue your unique and genuine style of care, you made a difference.
My kindest regards…….Taanya”

“Thank you for the supportive way in which you spoke with us as we prepared ourselves to view our Mother’s body and say our personal goodbyes. That is such a vulnerable time and we felt privileged to have your care in those moments.”

“On behalf of my family, I want to thank you and your company for your practical care and support in the days following our Father’s death. From the time of the first phone call and throughout the succeeding days we were treated with the utmost respect and courtesy and felt we were dealing with friends.

This had also been the case when our Mother and Father had set up their pre-payment arrangements three years ago. We could not have asked for anything more and though we felt grief at our Father’s passing, we knew we were in capable, caring hands.”

“I have been to a number of funerals which your company has officiated at and I have been impressed at the friendliness and care shown to people attending. Having now been more closely associated with you through this personal experience, my earlier impressions have been reinforced and we will happily recommend you to anyone who is facing the death of a loved one.”

“The family of Bert wish to extend a sincere Thank You to your Company for attending to the funeral of our dearly loved Dad and Husband. Our gratitude and huge Thanks go to Beverley Rhodes for her professionalism and understanding during our time of bereavement.
We also wish to sincerely Thank Robyn Frew for the tremendous Service she conducted and for her warmth and friendliness. A true professional. Our gratitude also extends to the personnel responsible for the embalming and preparation of Dad’s body for viewing, we thought the result was absolutely perfect.
Again, a sincere Thank You to All.”
– 8th November 2012

“It’s been a few weeks now since Mums passing, and it’s like they say, the world seems to stand still when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one.
On that note, concentrating on a funeral is the last thing one wants to have to do, and that is where you were invaluable to us as a family,.. to guide us through the process when our minds were ‘miles away’. Your phone calls to me with a ‘nice ide’ or a ‘nice wee touch’ were enlightening and very well received because they all helped to take away the burden of decision-making from us and everything just fell into place as a result of your learned observations and excellent choices.
You were very well received by myself and my family from our initial meeting, and we are very grateful to you for your relaxing demeanor and the excellent presentation of Mum.
Thanks again. L.A.”
– 28 March 2013

“Thank you so much for the care, concern and going the extra mile. Your kindness has made a really difficult time in our lives easier.
You are truly in the right occupation!!
Kindest regards, Evans Family”

“Thank you for all your help in arranging the funeral for Ross.
Everything was just lovely and very much appreciated