Why is pre-arrangement a good idea?

We plan for nearly every financial eventuality we may face in life: we invest for our retirement, and have health insurance and house & contents insurance. Yet when it comes to funerals, some of us still don’t like to think about them, let alone plan in advance.

Pre-arranging funerals is becoming much more common than it used to be – in the United States over 40% of funerals are pre-arranged.

There are compelling reasons to consider pre-arranging your own funeral:

Peace of mind for you

It’s not unusual for the family to be unaware of the deceased’s wishes. Deciding on the important aspects of your preferred funeral service means you’ll know that things will be carried out just how you want them.

Pre-arranging is something you can do once and never think about again, like writing a will or arranging life insurance. Just knowing that important details are taken care of gives you peace of mind to get on with your life.

Remove an emotional burden from your loved ones

Without a pre-arrangement your family will have to make decisions about the funeral service when they are emotionally distraught and may find it hard to think clearly. Having the arrangements made in advance can avoid potential disagreements over ‘what is best’.

In our experience, overall it is easier to make better decisions if the arrangements are discussed before you need them. When plans are left until a crisis hits it can lead to last-minute decisions, ones that may be regretted down the track.

Pre-arranging also provides your family with an emotional comfort of knowing that all the little details like music and flowers will be just as you wanted them.

What will it cost to pre-arrange a funeral?

Not a penny.

You can pre-arrange a funeral with CCFS for no charge whatsoever. If you prefer to pay in advance we can arrange this for you, but rest assured that pre-payments are not a requirement of a prearrangement at CCFS

How does it work?

  • It’s actually not as scary or upsetting as you might think to pre-arrange a funeral. Our friendly staff will help to take you through each decision that needs to be made, covering aspects such as:
  • Burial or cremation
  • Choice of casket
  • Traditional or religious ceremony vs. a modern memorial service
  • Flowers or donations made to a specific charity
  • Special readings or music
  • Potential pall bearers
  • Get the ball rolling

The team at CCFS invite you to come in for a chat with us, meet the folk, take a wander through our premises and see the options available. We’ll supply our support and experience and even the tea, coffee and cake!

Or, if you prefer, we can come to visit you in the comfort of your own home. As always at CCFS, the choice is yours.

Contact us any time on 03 358 8807 to arrange an appointment. We look forward to being of service to you and your family.