What is repatriation?
Repatriation means transporting the body or remains of a person to another country (usually their country of birth or their ancestors) after they have passed away.

If a New Zealander dies while overseas, the family may wish to have the body repatriated to New Zealand for the funeral service (as opposed to having the funeral overseas). Likewise, if someone of foreign birth or heritage dies in New Zealand the family may wish to repatriate the body to their original homeland.
In any case, a funeral director in the other country will need to be utilized, and CCFS acts as the local liaison in New Zealand.

Repatriation can be a complicated process – each country has its own regulations and procedures that must be followed, as well as international rules that must be complied with when transporting human remains.

CCFS is very experienced in all aspects of repatriation both to and from New Zealand. Our comprehensive and knowledgeable service includes:

  • Removal of the deceased
  • Embalming to the correct standards
  • Selecting a casket appropriate for international shipping regulations
  • Taking care of legal documentation such as documents for foreign shipment and for the Consulate’s Office, an embalming certificate, and the passport of the deceased
  • Arranging air transportation to or from New Zealand
  • Liaising with the overseas funeral director

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We’ll make all the arrangements for you and ensure the entire process goes smoothly and efficiently.