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At CCFS, every funeral service we have been involved in has been a collaboration of ideas and therefore unique. There are so many ways to say goodbye, so much range in the quality and benefit of each component, which makes it important for us to respectfully cater to your individual needs/requirements.

We help you by working through the many options and services available to ensure the resulting funeral service is what you and your family first intended. We at CCFS strive to offer as much scope for indiviuality and personality in what should always be a thoughtful reflection of a life lived and valued. We offer a wide range of additional products and services (from memorial books to caskets and urns, and to keepsake memorial jewellery) which are available to help personalise your farewell of a loved one.

Our range of products and services are growing all the time, so please feel free to talk to us about any new items/ideas.

“Most people say we are Funeral Directors, we are also, in every day terms, special event planners.”


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