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Lorraine Blackwood

Lorraine Blackwood is the Accounts Administrator with many years experience working alongside funeral directors and assisting families during their bereavement. Devoted to her family she enjoys spending precious times with her grand children. Her many interests include gardening and photography. She believes in being the best that you can be and living in the moment, as you never know what is around the corner!

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Dave Robinson

Dave has joined our team from a career in IT (Information Technology) and is our newest team member.

Dave brings with him a passion to help families through their time of need.

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Beverly Rhodes

Bev brings more than 18 of experience to our team. She began in the funeral industry with J. Lamb Trotter after which she took a role with the Cremation Society before returning to funeral service alongside Ron Palmer at Palmer Funeral Services.

Prior to funeral directing Bev worked in customer services at Mount Cook Airline in reservations. Bev is primarily motivated by working alongside families. She finds the task personally rewarding and always brings her trademark passion and sincerity to her work.

Bev has two adult daughters and three grandchildren. Time spent with her grandchildren creating memories is of high priority to Bev, and “babysitting” has become a euphemism for Bev spoiling her grandkids and an excuse for ‘Nan Days’ with Thomas, Madelyn, and Lily!

When not enjoying activities with family and friends, Bev will be found increasing her mileage at the local pool or stepping it out on the many walks in her neighbourhood. Bev enjoys a wider role in the community and is a member of Bishopdale Burnside Rotary Club, Springston Garden Club, Rural Women and Christchurch Hobbyist Bee Clubs.

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Craig Wilson

Craig was born in Auckland and is the eldest of three siblings. His parents were self-employed in the construction industry and Craig has many fond memories of helping his father as a child. The skills he learned as a youth are now finding a practical outlet here at CCFS as Craig has taken on many of the “forgotten” projects languishing behind the scenes at the funeral home.

In his early 20s Craig began the many chapters of his life as a Christian Missionary. This culminated in late 1990s with what became 12 years in Sri Lanka, impelled by a love and a passion for serving and reaching out to others. On Craig’s return to New Zealand, still wanting to help and reach out to those in need, he embarked on a career in The Funeral Industry. He joined the team at CCFS bringing with him a wealth of life experience and empathy garnered through years of dedicated interaction and service with folk from all walks of life.

2013 saw Craig and his wife Nell shift into their new home in Rolleston. Strengthening a love for Canterbury and establishing deeper roots as a Cantabrian.

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